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Welcome to Douglass Logistics Inc.

Professional Transportation and Logistics Customized to your needs

Thank you for your interest in Douglass Logistics. Douglass Logistics was founded to enhance a supply chain strategy that has been developed by Lexington Steel Corporation over the last 20 years. Our main focus is to support the regional freight needs of our manufacturing customers. We maintain our goal of superior service and safety to our customers through the use of our own trucks, qualified owner operators, and qualified partner carriers. We are a strategic transportation company in that we focus the resources of our trucking company and brokerage to the distinct needs of our customers. We seek to always provide professional, safe, reliable, efficient service to our customers. We are not a one size fits all carrier. We tailor our service to our customer's needs and are constantly in search of additional customers that will benefit from our existing service and further augment our transportation strategy to the benefit of our existing customers.

About Douglass Logistics

Douglass Logistics was founded in February of 2008 to improve Lexington Steel Corporation's ability to provide superior delivery to its customers and find ways to reduce overall freight costs by finding efficiencies with customers, suppliers, and other related industries. Since February of 2008, we have found many opportunities and have steadily grown our fleet to seven trucks. While we are excited at the success to this point, we have only begun to realize the opportunities this concept has created.

Douglass Logistics Today

Right now, we are at the next stage in our operations. We have achieved operational efficiency and have passed all of our FMCSA audits. We are fully operational and in full compliance with all federal, regional, and local transportation authorities and regulators. We have the ability to operate in the entire lower 48 states, but our focus in on the upper Midwest. We are currently in the process of synchronizing the freight needs of our base customers with potential new strategically selected freight customers. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to find businesses whose freight requirements most closely match each other in order to achieve the highest level delivery performance at the most competitive prices possible. We have recently supplemented our currents services with a brokerage division designed to supplement our current capabilities with qualified fully insured transportation partners with the goal of providing freight service for all of our customer's lanes.

Douglasss Logistics Tomorrow

After 20 years dealing with trucking companies, freight brokers, docks, vessels, railroads, and warehouses, we have an experienced based awareness of the many challenges arranging freight poses for businesses of all sizes. The next several years will prove to be as challenging as ever as markets remain unpredictable and outside forces continue to alter the marketplace. Many trucking companies are heavily leveraged as are many owner operators. We are experiencing a correction in the transportation market as we speak and capacity is going off-line. As with any industry, corrections in the market place will occur and scarcity will return. We are not able to control the market. However, we are able to control how we operate within it, and we do. Everything we have done and will do in the future revolves around service, safety, cost control, and combining the differing freight needs of our customers into an effective and stable freight solution.

"Setting a goal is not the main thing.  It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan." - Tom Landry

Let us help you achieve your goals. We will work with you to develop the ideal plan for your business and will stick with you until your goals are achieved.  It is important to understand everyone has transportation challenges.  The methods we use to solve them, the partners we choose to solve them with, and our ability work with others will drive us towards excellence.